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We are on the verge of an epic boom in energy… one that could create a wave of new millionaires.

In fact, this same setup has only occurred twice before in the history of energy. And both times, it sent uranium prices – along with a handful of uranium stocks – soaring 10-fold.

One company jumped 500%...

Another 600%...

Another climbed 1,000%...

Another 1,200%...

One even rose 5,000%...

And one company, in a rare and exceptional case, skyrocketed 100,000% in just four years' time. Enough to turn $1,000 into $1 million in a single trade…

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If you could only own one uranium company to play the boom – this would be the one.

It's a $625 million company… on sale today for about $100 million. In other words, this company is holding $7 per share in mining assets… and you can buy it today for $1 per share.

You're looking at a potential six-fold gain right off the bat.

Uranium Play #2: Control $80 Billion in Uranium Assets for $12!

If you'd like to make even more money from this boom, Play #2 is my suggestion.

This investment gives you boots on the ground access to the biggest uranium-producing countries outside the United States, including the world's most important uranium district: Saskatchewan's Athabasca Basin.

When you add it all up, this investment allows you to tap into $80 billion of proven uranium reserves... for about $12.

Uranium Play #3: A Warehouse Full of High-Grade Uranium

This recommendation is the most conservative – yet it still allows you to participate in the uranium boom. You see, this company simply owns uranium– about 10 million pounds. And this investment follows the price of uranium. As uranium prices rise, you could almost certainly double your money.

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