Dear Reader,

I'm Bill Patalon, the founding editor of Money Morning.

In my 30 years uncovering the inner workings of the financial world, I've seen just about every slick move that can be made...

Moves that have made insiders fortunes... and moves that have blindsided the everyday guy trying to build his nest egg.

But I've never seen one as strange – or as frightening – as what's happening right now.

We've got a stock market defying gravity and reaching all-time highs nearly every day.

But I'm here to tell you with unwavering commitment:

This is a phony "wealth-trap" created by Bernanke’s cheap money.

This money mirage is built on a foundation of quicksand – and it’s about to suffocate the careless investor.

GDP growth is an out-and-out lie... Real job creation is non-existent... Inflation is rising (don’t believe the government)... And let’s not forget America’s nearly $17 trillion debt that hovers over our heads like a death star.

Legendary investor Jim Rogers recently told me "Bill, this is a race to insanity" and said, "A lot of people are having a good time. But I know it’s going to end badly."

And it's likely to collapse sooner than most people think.

What are you going to do with your money before the plug gets pulled?

Bernanke's tenure is slated to end in a few short months, and his heir apparent (Janet Yellen), is no better. (Her endorsement of the plan to let "too big to fail" banks run wild helped engineer the biggest crash since the Great Depression.)

Millions of Americans lost their retirement.

What will Yellen do to yours?

How will you protect your money? Your savings? The wall of financial protection you've worked so hard to achieve...

These are the critical questions.

And today, I'm going to help you...

I'd like to send you our latest urgent investor briefing: Bernanke's Deal with the Devil: A Blueprint For Surviving The Coming Crash.

In it, you'll find the best, most cogent minds in the investing world detailing a plan for you for the next six months...

A plan that can not only save you a fortune, but make you a fortune.

I'm talking about Money Morning's Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald... former hedge fund manager extraordinaire Shah Gilani... and top world oil-and-energy expert Dr. Kent Moors.

To cover all the biggest money sectors, I also asked tech guru Michael Robinson... commodities expert Peter Krauth... and income expert Robert Hsu to join us.

I brought these renowned Money Map Press gurus together for one reason:

To create a blueprint for growing your wealth in the new era of Socialized Risk created by Bernanke (and soon to be continued by Yellen).

In fact, I was shocked to learn the situation is far more dangerous than I realized – for reasons you'll soon see.

Luckily, however, this blueprint will show you:

  1. The extent of all the dangers lurking in the markets right now...
  2. The three greatest threats of the looming bust...
  3. Moves you should make IMMEDIATELY to protect your money...

And, most importantly, 12 recommendations that will give you high, fast profits – while blunting the blowback from the coming volatility.

In a minute I’ll show you how to get a copy of this blueprint delivered immediately to your inbox – for free.

Before I do, though, let me tell you why this might be the most important document you can get your hands on this year...

You see, while it’s too late for the good doctor Bernanke to rescind his "grand bargain" with Dr. D. – meaning a major market unwinding is all but inevitable.

It’s not too late for you to make some unprecedented profits before, during, and after the stuff hits the fan... if you act now. 

For example, I’m sure you noticed bond yields skyrocketing recently.

Heck the 10-year Treasury shot up 33% from 1.625% to 2.16% in just 29 days.

So, what you have is a "Bond Bloodbath" waiting to happen, right?

Not for you – if you follow the instructions laid out neatly in this blueprint.

You see, what most people don’t realize is that, even with rising rates, there are certain highly attractive bonds currently trading near support level... and far below their net asset value... that offer double-your-money income potential.

In fact, Keith Fitz-Gerald has put his finger on the "best of the best" bonds in this class... safe harbor places with fat yields that you can place your money in right away.

That means, with one simple move, Keith can show you how to save your retirement from getting obliterated by the Treasury death trap... while picking up a huge dividend to boot. All the details can be found in the blueprint.

And what about rising interest rates? What will happen to stock prices as rates climb higher and higher?

In a word, they'll get hammered. It's inevitable.

Don't forget, for years now, U.S. companies have been borrowing capital for next to nothing... the lowest borrowing rates in history. Now costs could quadruple overnight.  How many balance sheets will get crushed before the end of the year?

Let's put it this way: A lot.

That’s why, our experts recommend you immediately turn to cash-rich dividend stocks where the downward risk has already been squeezed out – and the upside potential remains large.

The blueprint shows you exactly where to find these hidden gems.

In fact, Shah Gilani recommends two cash heavy companies to invest in immediately. They both pay high yields... but more importantly, they’re both about to make paradigm-shifting moves that could send their stocks soaring.  

Shah also reveals one of the most brilliant "safety-net" hedging plays I've ever seen.
It's a simple security. It's easy to understand and deploy. And, best of all, it's currently trading at a bargain-basement price, meaning you could easily net up to a 200% to 300% gain when the markets implode.

And that’s just the beginning...

In this blueprint you’ll also get:

From Michael Robinson: A "triple your money" stock from the biotech sector – one of the hottest – and truly recession-proof sectors – in the U.S market today.

And from Dr. Kent Moors: Two "Midstream" players Kent believes will have a stranglehold on the U.S. oil and gas market the minute the Fed unplugs QE causing a gigantic spike in crude oil prices.

Plus, to bring a big boost to your immediate profits, Keith has found the one company he believes will see the biggest gains bar none from the U.S. natural gas boom this year.

It's a tiny energy technology company trading for less than $2 a share right now.  

Yet, they've recently developed a transformative energy technology that's been landing them contracts all around the globe. In fact, they just announced deals with the two of the biggest natural gas producers in the U.S.

Keith has been following this company for years. Now, he's convinced the firm's stock price is about to skyrocket – giving you a healthy cash infusion going into the New Year.

In short, the blueprint accounts for every contingency – no matter what happens to the markets in the next 6 months or beyond.


To claim your free copy of Bernanke's Deal With The Devil: A Blueprint For Surviving The Coming Crash all you have to do is join me in my Private Briefing service.

Private Briefing is a labor of love for me.

You see, I created Private Briefing  so average investors could enjoy direct access to some of the Money Map Press' best-performing research and recommendations – for only a tiny fraction of what it would normally cost.

Put simply, I "cherry-pick" some of the best picks from our top investing services and deliver them to your inbox every day.

The winners we've given our readers since launching in August 2011 is truly astounding.
Private Briefing has racked up as many as 66 of them, 40 for double-digit gains, including peak gains of... 258% on PCYC... 214% on GLPPY... 153% on NQ... another 153% on ASTX... and 142% on SSL... just to name a recent few.

Heck, we just scored another triple-digit gain on a small biotech called Celldex Therapeutics. It recently soared to as high as 324%.

Of course, I can't give you all the picks reserved for members of our highest-level research services. That wouldn't be ethical, fair… or even good business. But I can easily "cherry-pick" my favorite ideas from each of our high-level advisory services. Nobody would feel cheated, because I'd only be revealing a tiny fraction of the all the picks from my entire team.

When you agree to a Private Briefing membership, you'll receive:

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And 2 additional bonus reports when you join today:

Bonus Report # 1: How You Can Help Destroy China's Internet Army And Make 300% In The Process. For the past 21 years I've been following China, including from inside the private walls of the People's Republic – and from my news desk in Baltimore, and I don't like what I've been seeing. For years now, China's been stealing America's most important data. Now one small company is about to help the Pentagon crush China's "Internet Army" while making its investors a fortune. I put all the details in this special report.

Bonus Report # 2: Why This "Crash Insurance" Pick May be Our Best Idea Ever.
This report shows you how to trade the VIX, the Volatility Index. Few know how to do it, but it could make you a fortune in 30 to 90 days, usually with a single move. Once you know how to track the VIX and time your trade, double, triple, even quadruple gains are common. And it doesn't matter whether you have $100 or $10,000 to put to work for you. This report will show you the details.


Private Briefing Gives You Some of the
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But once you try Private Briefing, I think you'll want to keep going.

After all, where else can you get picks worth
potentially 100% to 300% in your pocket every weekday... for such a low cost?

I will send you Bernanke's Deal WithThe Devil: A Blueprint For Surviving The Coming Crash– plus my two bonus reports – right away.

All you have to do is sign up below.


Bill Patalon
Executive Editor
Money Morning and Private Briefing

P.S. I can't stress this enough: The next five months will be critical. Volatility will be at extreme highs. I believe millions of investors could get crushed. But you can avoid this fate. That's the whole reason why Money Morning's top gurus put this blueprint together: to save your savings and make you some money in the process. So please don't delay signing up below. Within minutes, you'll receive the blueprint. Just follow my instructions to avoid all the knots in the stomach worrying that most investors are feeling right now.


YES! Sign me up immediately to get Private Briefing. I'll instantly get Bernanke's Deal With The Devil: A Blueprint For Surviving The Coming Crash...

Plus, profitable ideas from the top investing minds in the business five days a week for only a tiny fraction of what they normally cost. That's right...

I will be receiving material that would otherwise cost me almost $37,000 a year to buy on my own. But I get Private Briefing at the lowest price offered – only $7.99 per month. And I can cancel at any time and I won't be charged again.

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