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My name is Bill Patalon, the Executive Editor of Money Morning and Money Map Press.

My job is to continually introduce you to exciting wealth-building opportunities you just can't find anywhere else. And get them to you before the whole world ultimately finds out.

We want you to take advantage of a remarkable new research service… one that will give you a real chance to make a lot of money in the markets over the next few years.

Best of all, it will only cost you $7.99.

Let me explain: You see, as Executive Editor, I have direct access to all of our highest-level research and picks. These picks come from some of the top investing experts in the business… I'm talking about everyone from Keith Fitz-Gerald – the consummate expert on Asian markets… to Dr. Kent Moors – a leading global energy expert… to Shah Gilani – a former hedge fund manager who's forgotten more about how markets work than the next ten "experts" will ever know. It also includes our newest guru, Michael Robinson, a Pulitzer Prize-nominated writer and one of the top technology analysts working today.

During my "private briefings" with these amazing pros, I pick their brains about the forces churning the markets… develop story ideas… and select specific investing strategies and recommendations… the ones normally reserved for our exclusive proprietary research services.

The amazing thing is that you would have to spend over $37,000 a year to get access to all of the ideas we publish in these services…

But instead of you paying thousands, I've found a way to send you some of the "best of the best" of these ideas – as many as 5 top picks every week – for just $7.99 a month.

I call this service Private Briefing.

Private Briefing will give you a "seat" at these otherwise private discussions with our top editors and you'll have the opportunity to profit from what is said at a whole new level.

Put simply, it's a way for you to get some of our absolute best analysis and investing ideas for a tiny fraction of what you'd otherwise have to pay.

We've recently sent Private Briefing readers the best ideas from the following top-tiered publications:

Private Briefing Gives You Some of the
Best Ideas from All of These Services
  • Money Map Report ($199/yr)
  • Energy Advantage ($199/yr)
  • Nova-X Report ($299/yr)
  • Geiger Index ($2,900/yr)
  • Radical Technology Profits ($4,000/yr)
  • Capital Wave Forecast ($3,500/yr)
  • High Velocity Profits ($3,995/yr)
  • Energy Inner Circle ($3,999/yr)
  • Short-Side Fortunes ($5,000/yr)
  • Small-Cap Rocket Alert ($4,000/yr)
  • Biotech Insider Alert ($5,000/yr)
  • Stealth Profits Trader ($4,000/yr)

Of course, I can't and won't give away ALL the ideas others are paying thousands of dollars for. That wouldn't be fair or ethical. Or good business.

But now, for just $7.99 a month, you'll get the "best" of these picks for pennies a day. These stocks have given my readers a chance to make an absolute fortune. Just take a look at some of our most recent winners:

  • As much as 212% on Galapagos
  • 253% on Celldex Therapeutics
  • 140% on NetQin
  • 230% on Pharmacyclics
  • 117% on Sandstorm
  • 107% on CNH Global
  • 150% on Astex

… and that's just a very small sampling.

The fact is, since launching Private Briefing, I've shown my readers as many as 66 winning picks.

And more than half of them have jumped double or triple digits.

Make no mistake: Thanks to this loophole, my readers have picked up a steady flow of recommendations for fast gains – without paying through the nose to get them.

And as I mentioned, here's the best part…

You can get access to these high-level picks for just $7.99 a month. I assure you this price won't last forever. In fact, we've already raised the price once. And there's a good chance it could happen again. But your $7.99-a-month price will be guaranteed forever when you act now.

Here's how it works:

First, every morning, five days a week, you'll get my Private Briefing along with your daily Money Morning. It will contain a detailed analysis of a particular industry, sector, market or country situation and a specific recommendation with instructions for playing the opportunity.

Second, key articles on Money Morning will be labeled "premium content." These articles will contain additional research, analysis, and sometimes picks available only to Private Briefing members.

Third, you'll have your own password-protected "dashboard." Your dashboard will be a personalized tool for making the most of your Private Briefing subscription.

Get Immediate Access To Our Best Idea Right Now

In fact, the first thing you'll get is access to this Special Report with full details on the best moneymaking idea I have in my hands right now:

  • Our Experts' Best Ideas For 2014
    Each of our 7 top investment experts - including global guru Keith Fitz-Gerald, renowned oil specialist Dr. Kent Moors and high-tech maven Michael A. Robinson – offer up their absolute-best investment idea for this year. The result is a report that provides an incredible seven ways to double your money (or much more) in 2014.

This Price Won't Last Forever

It takes only $7.99 to get started – and will give you a variety of tools to help you invest with more discipline and a greater chance of success.

And most important you can start getting stock picks that can make you a fortune right away… just like the 253% on CLDX … the 230% on PCYY… and the 212% on GLPYY my readers have already received.

Just let me know if you'd like to give Private Briefing a try by going right here.

If you decide Private Briefing is right for you, you will be billed just $7.99 a month thereafter. This is the lowest rate we will ever offer. And even if the price increases for new members later on, you'll be locked into the $7.99 plan guaranteed for life.

If at any time you decide Private Briefing is not for you, you are under no obligation. You can cancel your subscription any time. Your payments will stop immediately... simply by giving us a toll-free call.

But once you try Private Briefing, I think you'll want to keep going. After all, where else can you get picks worth potentially 100% to 200% in your pocket… for just $7.99 a month?

I can't hold this guaranteed $7.99 a month price forever. Just sign up below.

Sig of Bill Patalon
Bill Patalon
Executive Editor, Money Morning & Private Briefing _____________________________________________________________________________

YES! Sign me up immediately to get Money Morning’s Private Briefing. I’ll be getting some of the best, most potentially profitable ideas from the top investing minds in the business. That’s right...

Here's my $7.99... for Private Briefing at the lowest price you offer – only $7.99 per month. I will be receiving material that would otherwise cost me more than $37,000 a year to buy on my own. I can still cancel at any time and I won't be charged again.

(No debit cards, please.) When you subscribe to Private Briefing, you will be billed $7.99 every month automatically. Should you cancel, you won’t be charged for the next month or thereafter.

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